Der Hammer Anlass von EO dieses Jahr! EO Unlimited Berlin 1.7. – 4.7.2015

Der Hammer-Anlass dieses Jahr. University-Level Programm zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten. Die Registration startet am 28.01.2015

Dear Members,Mark your calendar — registration for the upcoming EO Unlimited Berlin will open on 28 January at 10:00 am CET. Join your EO peers from 1 – 4 July 2015 in Berlin, where you’ll be challenged to “Embrace the Struggle” of the entrepreneurial life to the fullest.For more details:


  • Enjoy the summer in Germany’s tech and start-up hotspot
  • This will be EO Europe’s biggest event of the year 2015
  • EO Unlimited aims to be at University level for a fraction of the cost
  • Spectular hotel event location direct by the river
  • Fantastic social event locations for after and after after hours
  • Only 200 tickets on sale! Save 100 US$ by registration before 1 March 2015

Registration Fee: US$ 1.200 plus possible VAT before 1 March 2015
Included: All program meals indicated on the agenda, learning sessions, evening socials and Saturday’s Off-Site activity.Not Included: Airfare, airport transfers, accommodation, personal incidentals, possibly VAT as well as accompanying MyEO event.

As entrepreneurs, we are made to embrace the struggle. We’re not tempted by the easy path, we don’t swim with the tide. To us, middle of the road sounds horribly boring. Instead, we seek challenges. Some say we love to hate things so we can venture out and fix’em. We call it embracing the struggle.No-one ever said that’s easy. In fact, it can be quite painful when the stubborn determination you need at times to persevere in your struggle means you’re losing people left and right. Or when you wonder why the hell you’ve opted to be the lone fighter out there. But then again, once you overcome the struggle you’ve chosen to embrace, nothing feels quite like it.At EO Unlimited Berlin we’ll hone our skills, expand our knowledge and ramp up our will to embrace the entrepreneurial struggle to the fullest. In addition to getting inspired by outstanding individuals, who let us in on the secrets that allowed them to face down seemingly beyond human challenges, the learning program is packed with practical training and applicable best practices, to assure maximum take home value.

Berlin is the perfect venue for this year’s EO Unlimited. 25 years after tearing down the wall, the city still has not come to rest. During the event, you’ll get to experience Berlin in a way and to an extent  that even most Berliners would describe as once in a lifetime.

As a Regional Event, EO Unlimited Berlin aims to offer university level value at a fraction of the cost and in a smaller and more intimate setting. On behalf of an incredible Unlimited committee, I invite you to join us in Berlin as we Embrace the Struggle and emerge transformed.

Save US$ 500 With Your Global Event Voucher!

Members who joined EO on or after 1 July 2013 are eligible for the Global Event Voucher for the 2015 EO Unlimited Berlin. First, register for the event. Next, fill out this form to submit your voucher. Members must pay the registration fee in full before receiving the US$ 500 credit. Voucher submissions for the 2015 EO Unlimited Berlin must be completed by 1 July 2015, the first day of the event.

Find out all the details on the official EO Unlimited Berlin website:

Mark your calendar now and be fast to register: 

  • This year’s EO Unlimited coincides with the yearly German All-Chapter-Learning-Event
  • Both of Berlin’s Sister Chapters San Francisco and Israel will be town
  • Moderator Trainings and Moderator Summit will bring additional attendance
  • The handover of the Global Chairman will be at the event, drawing global participants
  • Celebrations for Europe spinning off as a new Region in EO will be at the event

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