Four Reasons why an EO Chapter needs Growth

Growth is important for a chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization – “Why do we need growth in our chapter? I belong to a awesome forum, that’s fine for me!” – That’s a recent statement of a good EO friend . We’ve been discussing this issue in our board and we concluded that a growing chapter offers lot more of advantages than handicaps. Here’s our list:

  1. The chapter is always in a spiral: Up or Down. As member, which direction do you prefer?
  2. With more members, we have have more income and with more revenue we can offer only more to the forums and the members!
  3. Events with more participants are simply better! Until that tilts, we still have a lot of  space left
  4. The forum makes only 40% of EO from! 30% is the Chapter and 30% is the remainder of the organization. New, ‘good’ members keep the Chapter young, fresh and it stays interesting for all members.

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