Anju Rupal’s Beautiful Tedx Presentation: Aesthetic Activism in the Business of Beauty

EO Member, Anju Rupal’s beautiful presentation  at Tedx event of 6 November 2015:

Aesthetic Activism in the Business of Beauty

In today’s hyper connected world, it can be devastating to witness the stark contrast of two vastly different realities; compare a consumer-driven beauty industry that feeds on a throw-away culture, to the underprivileged slums of India where open defecation takes place and dignity or common sense are seemingly absent. Incongruous it may seem, but for one woman – Anju Rupal, the coming  together of these two realities posed an opportunity to bring about meaningful change. She set up Ergo Abhati Suisse, an ethical B Corporation, to tackle sanitation and gender inequality issues in India by crafting naturally derived beauty products based on time-honored Indian wisdom.

This is the story of how ancient knowledge and its wisdom can be applied  through innovative, ethical business practices into life-changing empowerment for generations to come. Through the audacity of re-imagination this shift is happening.

Octane Anju


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