Entrepreneurs’ Organization facilitates and streamlines its board work with Beekeeper

Board work reloaded: EO Switzerland Zurich is using Beekeeper as a communication platform in order to facilitate, streamline and speed up the management work of its board members. It is a great success!

Printscreen of Beekeeper Smartphone-UI, even votings and polls are possible

Beekeeper in Action – Even votings are possible!

In nearly all clubs and associations where board members do their unsalaried work on a private basis, the challenges of their board work are more or less the same: any decisions have to be taken by the board as a whole and almost never all board members are able to attend the meetings. This results in board members having different information levels and in a lot of misunderstanding. Chain mails fill the (private) mailboxes and make the lack of overview worse.

With Beekeeper and its integrated capabilities for topical communication streams, polls, votes and topics based on document storage, the information is there where it is needed and is not only dead data in the mailbox. It is really information at your fingertips, you can have it on your PC,  Smartphone app or on the tablet. It runs in a trusted and confidential environment. You have full control over who can see the messages and who cannot. It is the best tool when you have to manage distributed teams where every member has a different schedule, his own IT-environment and little time left.

“As a board member the most annoying part of my board work was that I had all the time emails from my board colleagues concerning any kind of topic in my private mailbox and it was very difficult to keep order and keep an overview. In my role as President I always had to wait with the decisions until the next board meeting because voting by circular worked very slowly with us and produced a lot of extra effort. Beekeeper changed everything. Board work has become much easier. Faster decisions, better communication, much fewer emails and finally I always find my stuff when I am looking for it! Palo Stacho – President EO Switzerland – Zurich”. 

Beekeeper is Swiss Made software and has a strongly growing user base all around the world. We definitively recommend it! http://www.beekeeper.ch

Invitation to our neighbouring chapters: Beekeeper has become a sponsor of EO Switzerland and there are enough licences available. Just contact us, you will get your own private areas!


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