EO London Event vom 29. April: “The Art of Financial Storytelling with Alan Miltz”

EO London lädt zu seinem Event vom 29. April 2016 ein: The Art of Financial Storytelling with Alan Miltz

The Art of Financial Storytelling with Alan Miltz” – Friday 29th April 08:30am for 9am kick off, 1pm presentation ends then light buffet lunch

Alan Miltz, a US sales expert and specialist on financial performance is stopping in London to share his views on The Art of Financial Story Telling. In this interactive presentation, Alan will provide guests with the methodology to unlock their blind spots and ‘improve cash flow and grow the value of your business.’ Guests will bring along their financial controllers as Alan says both the CEO and CFO must attend to benefit: this content is mission critical to the leaders of the company. 

Alan’s approach has changed the way banks and businesses review financial performance. His analysis techniques are used in over 22 countries by leading banks, businesses and accounting firms. Alan has presented The Art of Financial Storytelling to over 5000 business leaders globally and even seasoned financial professionals have been ‘wowed’ by his penetrating analysis.  Alan will share 20 years of research in a dynamic presentation that will change the way you look at your company and interact with your bank. 

We hope that the presentation and Q&A will finish up at 1pm then a light lunch will be available for all attendees.

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