Multi-Chapter Event EO Greece, 15 – 17 April: “Change Before You Have to”


Dear EOers,

In a world where change seems to be the only constant, our personal change is one of our greatest challenges.

Our multi-chapter event, themed “Change before you have to”, is taking place in Athens in April and is focused exactly on how to deal with the challenges of change.

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Challenge = Change = Success

We, as entrepreneurs, are dealing with all kind of changes and by overpassing the obstacles, by spotting the opportunities, by finding our way to make things happen, we manage to accelerate and thrive.

Why in Athens?

Join us in Athens where change seems to be the only way to success, where we need to continue finding ways to win within difficulty and crisis.

What’s in it for me?

We are planning a set of unique activities encouraging all participants to experience every moment of it, rise to the challenges with courage and determination and receive a ready to action take away.

Register now and get ready to attend:

  • inspiration speeches
  • networking sessions
  • An exciting social program

All the EO members from our chapter in Greece will be involved to make this event an unforgettable experience for you and your spouses.

Learn all event details by visiting the event website at:



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