The Organising Committee

The Organising Committee

The organizers are all successful businessmen who are willing to spend a considerable part of their free time on a good cause. All members are volunteers and want to help the youth, entrepreneurship and Switzerland. We love to give something back! – Die Organisatoren sind allesamt erfolgreiche Geschäftsleute, welche bereit sind, einen erheblichen Teil Ihrer Freizeit für eine gute Sache einzusetzen. Alle Mitglieder sind ehrenamtlich im Einsatz und haben den Wunsch, die Jugend, das Unternehmertum und die Schweiz weiter zu bringen. Wir lieben es, auch etwas zurück zu geben!

EO Switzerland – Zurich would like to thank the following organisers / EO Switzerland – Zurich dankt folgenden Organisatoren:


Palo Stacho

GSEA Chair, EO Switzerland – Zurich

Palo Stacho (1966) has been an EO member for 12 years. He is former President of EO Switzerland and entrepreneur. As a graduate computer scientist with a Federal Diploma and with a post-graduate degree in corporate governance from HSG, he established an IT company of national importance in the 1990s, which he sold in 2007. In 2010, he was already betting on digitisation. After two unsuccessful start-up attempts, he is now a successful co-founder of the internationally recognized cyber prevention provider LUCY Security. In addition, Palo Stacho works as a coach, speaker and change agent for digital transformation projects for SMEs and major clients in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.


Martin Künzi

Martin Künzi is COO and partner at Enigma. Enigma is a company that is made of strategists, designers, branding specialists, business model experts and service designers to help companies explore the undiscovered possibilities of the 21st century. With his experience as a former CMO and his MBA in Marketing, he has dedicated himself to his passion at Enigma — he develops strategies and state-of-the-art branding for clients in various industries locally and globally. He started the Bern office 3,5 years ago and grew the team to 15 people into a million CHF business.


Elmar Meyer

Elmar Meyer is the founder and CEO of Lexpert Partners. Elmar’s areas of specialization include advising Swiss and foreign banks, asset managers and family offices in all legal and regulatory areas. He also advises and assists HNW individuals in their (often cross-border) asset and estate planning. Before founding Lexpert Partners, Elmar was founding partner of a legal and tax advisory firm in Zug. Prior to this he headed the legal and compliance department of Julius Baer in Dubai, U.A.E., serving on its management committee and acting as a member of the board for Julius Baer in Cairo, Egypt. Elmar also serves on the board on a number of major asset management companies in Switzerland.


Dominique Reber

Dominique Reber is Senior Partner and Co-Owner of Hirzel.Neef.Schmid Konsulenten and a Board member of Creapole and Swiss Green Economy Symposium. Before that, he  was a member of the Executive Board of economiesuisse, the umbrella association for Swiss business until 2012. He led political work relating to major infrastructure projects, energysupply and environmental issues.
Before this, Dominique Reber worked in various positions in lobbying, corporate communications and journalism, with an emphasis on IT and communications technology. This included at Sunrise Communications AG, Swisscom AG and at eBay International.
Dominique Reber has a Masters in History and romanistic literature and linguistics Studies from Basel University, as well as an Executive Masters in International and European Business Law from St. Gallen University.


Ronald Zemp

Ronald Zemp is co-founder and commercial head of notime AG. notime is a disruptive last mile delivery platform that enables crowd based same-day deliveries. The company currently has active operations in Switzerland and South Africa. Apart from that, Ronald is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and an active angel investor in 15+ companies internationally (CH, USA, SGP, etc.) via his own investment company. Prior to that Ronald worked for an international management consultancy and as the right hand man to the owner of a big german family conglomerate.


Jeremias Meier

Jeremias Meier is CEO and co-founder of bexio. Bexio’s software makes it easy for small businesses to manage everything from invoicing to automated bank reconciliation and online bookkeeping. Already more than 10’000 customers trust the best software startup of the years 2016 and 2017. Jeremias started his first business, while studying at University of St.Gallen and sold the software development company in 2015 to PwC.


Carlo Badini

Right after high school Carlo founded his first startup Cleverclip. Cleverclip earned multiple awards as one of the biggest information design consultancies in Switzerland. Cleverclip currently employs 30 employees all over the globe and explains complex things for customers in Switzerland and Germany. Carlo is also on the board of directors of Daktiv a live communication agency in Berne. Since 2015 Carlo is enrolled as a full time student at the University of Berne. He was honored as the European Champion of the GSEA Awards 2016.




Flavio Pfaffhauser

Flavio Pfaffhauser is one of the co-founder of Beekeeper. He studied Computer Science at ETH Zurich and at the University of Washington in Seattle. He spent some time in India, as well, working as a Software Engineer. As the CTO at Beekeeper he is very excited about shaping the digital workplace of 2 billion people worldwide. Beekeeper connects and empowers workforces with their employee communication app. Designed for industries that rely on non-desk workforces, Beekeeper makes it easy to inform and inspire all or part of an organization in real time.