Former GSEA Resources and Movies

The following Pictures and Movies have been taken at the Global Leadership Conference in Frankfurt 2017. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization runs a Competition named “GSEA” Global Student Entrepreneur Award where Studentpreneurs pitch their entrepreneurial potential (not their business plan).

GSEA: Student Qualifications

GSEA Explainer Videos and Pitches

While attending the educational tracks for “GSEA Chairs” we took some videos to share the knowledge. These are

  1. Finalist Pitch at the Global Competition (13 Min)
  2. Finalists explain how GSEA impacted them
  3. Judges share their experiences and impressions (incl. helpful Slides)
  4. Former Finalist and actual Member explains his personal experience
  5. “Shoab says…” : Why you should run a GSEA at Home (awesome!)

You can see them all on Youtube!

Some additional Slides and Flipcharts:

Benefits of GSEA - What the GSEA can do for your chapter.

How to find GSEA Students through Facebook

How to find Students using Facebook Ads (Targeting)

Best Practices for GSEA (GLC 2017)

Finding GSEA Students

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