Catchup People Day – 5th of June

5 June: Catchup People Day in Lausanne

Have you ever wondered what happens in the Accelerator Program? What makes them so efficient, courageous and daring. You probably remember you own journey – which may have been the hardest of all journeys – to grow your business 10 employees and the million. To push higher than yourself.

Come Join Us! The accelerators are more than enthusiastic to meet you and share experiences with you, the goal being to connect, learn, inspire and aspire.

All you need to bring is your experiences, your thirst to learn and your positive energy! We look forward to the value you will add!

You have the possibility to join the Accelerators at the Catchup People Day Learning with Andy Clayton

 “I have been an EO member for 7 years, originally in Beijing chapter, but now in London. My company provides financial operations and HR outsourcing for foreign companies in China. I live in Oxford, England.

Who is Andy Clayton?

Andy lives in the UK, and is the Oxford-based CEO of LNP China, offering an easy and secure solution for the best small companies from overseas to thrive in China.
Andy has been an EO member for 7 years. As well as being EO UK Membership Chair, he is also a certified Forum and Strategic Summit Trainer, and is the only Mandarin-language trainer in EO.

Participation Fee for Members: 500CHF

We hope to see many of you! 
For more information, we would ask you to please send an email to: boutsen.sofie@gmail.com.

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